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New Horizon Center for the Developmentally Disabled is a not-for-profit organization that strives to enrich the lives of our students each and every day. We rely on the contributions of generous individuals, organizations and corporations to continue to provide high quality programs for our children and adults. Your personal donations to support New Horizon Center are greatly appreciated!

Horticultural Therapy Services



Year-round, one of our trained horticultural therapists will come to your site with all supplies needed to conduct a session or create a container garden. We travel throughout the Chicago area to schools with students who have special needs, to residential or day-care facilities, and more. Contracts are usually provided per season, but individual arrangements will be considered.

Spring Contract
Before the weather allows for outdoor gardening, these sessions satisfy the need for nature we all share. Eight weekly sessions for up to 15 participants include fresh flower arrangements, use of dried natural materials in art projects, starting seed for transplant later, and more. Use of a four-shelf light cart is included, if needed.
Cost per contract: $2,500

Summer Contract
Beginning after the danger of frost, our horticultural therapy staff will help you grow a garden in large, accessible containers. We will deliver the containers and all soil, plants, and tools. In eight sessions scheduled over 16 weeks, a therapist will travel to your site to train you and your clients in garden maintenance. It will be your responsibility to ensure the health of the garden through proper watering and maintenance. There will be sessions that use the products of the garden to create beautiful arrangements and edible treats.
Cost per contract: $3,500

Fall Contract
As days shorten and we spend more time indoors, these eight weekly sessions focus on harvest, the abundance of nature, and creating lasting beauty indoors. Designed to accommodate up to 15 participants, each session will be led by a horticultural therapist at your facility and will include all supplies needed.
Cost per contract: $2,500

With more than 40 years of programming experience, Horticultural Therapy Direct Services is uniquely prepared to plan and deliver seasonal therapeutic horticulture sessions at our site or yours.

In our experience, using therapeutic horticulture with other interventions produces significant results when the goal is to actively engage clients in improving their health. Research has demonstrated that when attention is directed toward nature, predictable reduction of stress results. Our therapists specialize in actively engaging clients of all levels of ability with gardening and other natural elements. Our typical contracts are detailed below; however, we can also customize a contract to suit your specific needs. Come garden with us!

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Remember a special person in your life by making a Memorial Donation. New Horizon Center will send out a card to acknowledge your donation. 


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Make a donation in honor of a special person. It’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion in your life. New Horizon Center would be happy to send a card to the honoree to acknowledge your donation.



Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for us. Please CLICK HERE and mention "Volunteer" in the comments. Let us know specifically what area you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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