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Disclaimer: If you provide your e-mail address New Horizon Center may contact you periodically with updated information. Any e-mail sent by New Horizon Center provide the option to be removed from the e-mail mailing list.
How we use the information we collect.  We may use your personal and non-personal information for our own marketing and non-marketing purposes.  For example, we may use personal information to respond to your email or telephone inquiries or to advise you of upcoming events, newsletters, or legal developments.  In addition, we may add your personal information to our databases, including our subscriber and contact lists.

We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.  We may, however, provide your personal information to third parties that assist us with the operation or maintenance of our website or our electronic event registration.  When we provide personal information to third parties, we require those parties to exercise reasonable care to protect your personal information, and we restrict the use of the information to the purposes for which it was provided.


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