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Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy services at New Horizon Center are designed to enhance the student’s communication abilities to allow a student to fully access the school curriculum. Services include speech and language therapy and augmentative and alternative communication for students to communicate within school. These settings include literacy activities, circle time, language arts, and community outings. Education and training with the classroom staff and to the student’s family are also provided to further support a student’s communication across environments.
Programs in the school developed by Speech Therapy in collaboration with other disciplines include:
A communication approach that supports functional communication throughout the curriculum using symbols, aids, strategies and techniques.
Students have access to an interactive whiteboard which promotes classroom academic skills such as reading, writing, and turn-taking. Students develop academic literacy skills while exploring visual, auditory, and tactile-based activities.
Students with oral- motor and swallowing needs may participate in treatment programs to develop and promote safe eating and swallowing skills.